I am Diya Pinto. Born and raised in Bangalore, India.
I have been drawing since
I was three years old, I have a BVA from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat where my major was Painting and I minored in Sculpture and Printmaking. I work as a
Jr Art Director and I am constantly working to better myself.






Graphic Design

Video Editing

Website design

Art Direction

Social Media Management

Branding Identity



I am inspired by human psychology, nature, social and political events or in simpler terms, the things that are already around us that we do not 'see'. I seem to have various "styles" but so far these styles have helped me compose some of my most favourite works. I enjoy working on concepts that allow me to include history and site specific admission. I am always trying to push myself to work harder, faster, with more detail and sometimes less detail on large scales and small ones. 

I am an artist by profession, I primarily work in traditional art mediums, however I am flexible. I would love to hear from you; any form of criticism is always welcome. Do contact me for commissions, collaborations and consultations.