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Fine Art to Digital Art

The gradual change and how it has affected my work

Have I left behind Fine Art?

I have always looked up to those around me that had skills that I never understood. Once I did understand their skills, I had nothing but a deep sense of gratitude for them. The skills I have honed over my years are not ones I can fully say I've learnt myself, for I had great teachers all around me, the second I was open to learning. You can see a gradual change in my work, that went from the permanence of ink to the forgiving medium that is digital art. It flowed from black and white, to stark colours to bold ideas. I progressed into colour and understood compositions and their importance, I continue to use both methods of creating as both bring me immense joy. They are a passion that keeps the fire in me alive and I am grateful for all that I have learnt through them.

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